Sammie Winchester

Thanks to my girlfriends, I have fallen for Super Natural!  Brandi was the first who got hooked and she wanted to do a fem version of Castiel.  Who doesn’t love Cas?  Then Jess jumped on the S.N. bus and then myself.  Jess wanted to be Dean & give her a sort of 80’s rock feel, like if you thought of how the sister of Dean would be.  I went for Sammie!  I saw a few girls do this before and at first I was still trying to grasp how was the right way to go about it and then just decided to do it the way I wanted to!  Because that’s what Sam would do, right?  😉  I know I didn’t want to look butch.  I wanted to look like a pretty girl from the 80’s who kept Sammie’s rustic look.  I wanted her to be the girl who was smart, didn’t mind getting dirty, could kick your ass at a game of pool, kill some demons and could still look good doing it too!

I’m happy with how it turned out and it was a blast doing this with my favorite ladies!  I can’t speak for Jess and Brandi, but everything I’m wearing was put together, by pieces I found online and at my local thrift store.  I already had an prop gun from my Lady Jaye cosplay and so I re-used it.  I still wish I can find true temp tattoo sheets out there.  The tattoos I bought, thinking they were temporary tattoos were more like stickers, but since I cut it close to the design edges, it was hard to tell luckily.

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