Sango (Battle Uniform) Series: Inuyasha

Inuyasha was the first anime series I’ve ever watched and I think I’m always going to enjoy it!  Since I was still not very experienced with sewing and I love the outfit, I thought Sango’s battle uniform was something I could pull off.  Plus I thought it would be fun to look bad ass by having the giant Hirakotsu and looking like a Ninja! 😉  I read in a few forums on about how to make the Hirakotsu and choose the way I thought was best to make it.  Apparently there are many methods.  Foam was the way I wanted to go since I wanted it to be light to carry and I thought I could make it sturdy by coating it with various chemicals.  Lol.  Yes, another first!  Working with foam, glue, spray paint, bondo, sintra etc.  Geez, this crap is dangerous!  Lol.  I think it all turned out pretty good and I am still working to improve the Hirakotsu.  It is a bit fragile and some of the glue came undone right as we were leaving DragonCon.


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