Yoshino – Anime Series: Date-A-Live

Yoshino - Date A Live - CollageYoshino is a character I fell for at a glance!  I didn’t even watch Date-A-Live yet when I saw her figure come out online and decided I had to have it!  So right after pre-ordering her figure I started to watch the anime.  I was sad there wasn’t more screen time for her, but thought a lot of the characters would make for great cosplay.  After some set backs I finally was able to wear the costume to MTAC  2014 (Middle TN Anime Convention).  My friend Brandi kindly jumped in on this and made Tohka!  Friend Jess was working on Kurumi, but unfortunately wasn’t able to finish.  I hope we see her Kurumi in the future!  😉

I had a hard time finding my fabrics because you know the best fabrics like to hide!  🙂  I wanted the coat to have that Peacoat look and thickness.  After much searching I finally found actual wool fabric that was close to the right color and didn’t cost a fortune.  Btw, no one in the USA makes ridiculously large buttons.  🙂  I had to get those in the UK.  Since time was very limited I had to order my bunny friend there, Yoshinon, from China.  I also used a white dress I already owned.  I was excited to work with leather for the second time with this project, but it was my first time leather tooling!  It definitely takes some practice.  Those who know Yoshino’s every single detail, wouldn’t realize the costume is unfinished.  I wasn’t able to complete the button and button holes on the front.  I had a leather trim made for the bottom of the coat, but it was buckling badly and I have to re-make it.

The yellow wool I ordered was the closest yellow I could find for Yoshino’s ears.  It was school bus yellow and it was too bright.  So based on a tip from a friend I used Rit Dye remover to try to lighten it up.  It was scary because reading online it will tell you not to wash wool like this.  I put a bigger piece than I would need in in case of shrinkage and it worked great!!  I ended up with the perfect color!  Important note for anyone who wants to try out the dye remover: it will make your house smell like a perm.  And I’m surprised it didn’t say anything on the box about this or wearing a mask.  I ended up putting a mask on cause the smell was too much.  My boots were a bit of a bust.  I got some cute boots, but when my boyfriend tried to airbrush them the paint didn’t want to stay on.  Luckily it held up for the day at the con, but this needs to be fixed before next time.

Brandi (Tohka) and I had such a great time wearing our costumes around and then we held out for the sun to start setting for a photo shoot outside, near the hotel.  I’m so happy we stayed in costume a little longer because the photos turned out so nice!!  It felt like I was doing a real photoshoot for once instead of just getting pictures in the hotel lobby.  Thanks to Jimmy at AngryDogStudios for setting this up!  Photo credit for the photos you will see in this set go to Jimmy of AngryDogStudios, Bill Winans  also of AngryDogStudios and ChinkyD of animememe.com!

My progress photos can be found here:  http://littleneko.com/catagories/cosplay-progress-photos/yoshino-progress-pics/


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