Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Owl Ver. 2016 Video Unboxing and Review

I’m excited to finally do another unboxing video!  This one has been a long time coming, so long I forgot what was in the box.  So I thought you would enjoy sharing this moment with me as I figure out where my money has gone.  🙂  I have a few other “older” figures that I never opened.  Not sure if people would be interested in seeing me unbox those or not.  If anyone actually has interest please let me know or interest in me doing other types of videos.  Maybe I can do a 3 figure unboxing and somehow keep the video under 15 minutes.  We’ll see.

So here ya go friends!


Have a great weekend,

-Little Kat


Bento for my Baby

Hello everyone and Happy Valentines Day!!….. One day early!!

My baby had an early Valentines Day because there was no possible way for me to put together his present after a work day.  Being off today, I planned to make him a bento lunch in his new Zojirushi Classic Bento Box!!  Despite all the time I had today I haven’t had much free time lately since I’m trying to finish a costume before this weekend.  So I quit sewing at 11pm last night to do bento research.  From all the researching, late into the night, I ended up waking up late and had to rush around shopping and then putting it all together.  Yes…I was freaking out!  lol.  Don’t do what I did if you decide to make bento for the first time ever.  It takes some planning when it comes to figuring out what you will make, how you will make it and what you will need.

I purchased the Bento from Amazon a few weeks ago and also some veggies cutters & egg molds.  So that was fine, but looked up too many articles on techniques last night and was a bit overwhelmed with all that I wanted to do.  There is so many different things you could do!  Some how I managed to get most of it put together nicely.  My eggs did not turn out!   Grrrr..hard boiled eggs.  I followed the directions, but when I went to peel them big chunks of egg came off with the shell.  We’ll give it a go later!

So I just wanted to share some pictures of my pretty bento!  It’s not the fanciest work of art, but I’m proud of it!  I would love to do a follow up post on some of the techniques I used and some lessons learned from my experience.  🙂  The very kawaii & pretty bentos you see on the internet are called kyaraben bentos and are not the most commonly made bentos.  Most bentos are meant to be used as a healthy way of eating with the right ingredients and portion control.  I still wanted to do a cute bento since it was for Valentine’s Day and it was my first one ever.  Plus, IT’S FUN!

Hope you have a happy Valentines Day whether it be to spend time with a loved one or to chill out by yourself watching a good movie or shooting some dudes up on your favorite video game!  😉

Ja Mata!

-Little Neko

Cherry Blossom Festival Photos

Hello!  Hello!

I just wanted to share my photos from the Cherry Blossom Festival we went to and give a little insight as to what it is.  Sorry so late!  It was little over a week ago.  I didn’t even know Nashville had this kind of festival till I saw a Facebook post the day before.  Facebook is good for something!!

The festival is a celebration of the Japanese inhabitants and culture in Nashville.  It is also a celebration of the friendship between the US and Japan.  OH and to plant Cherry Blossoms!!  You can read more at their website:  Of course this is right up my alley since I love Asian cultures, especially Japanese.  They had everything set up in a large circle and then a main stage where they had different Japanese performances.  Local sushi restaurants came out for the event and sold food at a reasonable price.  Also a local store (Happy Japan) that sells fun Japanese items.  I’ve been to their website and was so excited to see them there because they are one of the only stores of their kind around.  I was able to buy something I’ve wanted for a while!  It one of many solar powered toys that has a different character that usually moves it’s head.  Mine was this kawaii kitty!

It was a gorgeous sunny day for the festival, but as you will see in some of the pictures (my hair blowing around) it was windy.  I wish I owned a kimono or yukata because I would have worn it!  There were people dressed up walking around.  If you ever watched any kind of high school animes you would appreciate the Japanese festival games that they had and the origami making.  I would say my favorite performance was the Kaminari Taiko drummers.  Very fun and the performers really seem to be enjoying themselves. 🙂  Well, I will definitely try to make it back next year and I am inspired to plant a cherry blossom tree.  WAIT!  How can I forget…MTAC(Middle TN Anime Convention) also had a tent at the festival.

Enjoy the photos and my next update will be very soon!  I am being teased by my boyfriend to update my page more often and I will do my best! 😉