A Review for you: Chobani Flips: Sriracha Mango

Hello All!

I decided to put out a couple food reviews because why not.  I like critiquing food and I need practice with video editing.  I hope to become better at video editing so I don’t have to depend on my boyfriend to do it.  We’ll see if I can do it since I always have so much on my plate, but so does he.  It’s nice not to impose so he has time to work on his projects as well.  🙂

This review is for my favorite yogurt line, Chobani Greek Yogurt “Flips”.  I’m going to do some more soon.  I was so excited when I saw they had some new flavors out recently, that I decided to do a review.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!  Have you tried some of the more unusual flavors?


Have a great week!

-Little Kat

My Etsy Shop Relaunched!

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to give you a quick post.  My Etsy Shop is relaunched and I’m very excited about it!  I had the same shop a long time ago when I was making more jewelry than sewing and did list a few jewelry pieces.  I didn’t have much success, but I know it was my fault.  I really didn’t try as much as I could have.  I got a bit discouraged afterwards and kept waiting for some magical event to happen to bring the shop back.

I have a great feeling about trying this again!  I have always wanted to sell geeky items, since the first time I created an Etsy account.  For example items related to anime, sci-fi, fantasy, retro, cartoons and kawaii items.  Believe it or not Etsy has kawaii listed as a Style.  🙂  I found my inspiration at a convention one year when we were in my girlfriend’s hotel room and she was getting out some makeup.  She had the cutest Totoro makeup bag!  I thought, “I would love to have some type of anime bag to carry my stuff in!  It would great for traveling, especially going to conventions.”

So there ya have it.  Please check out it out!  I also don’t mind feedback or suggestions on something you think might be cool to make (within reason of course).

Here is a link to the shop! : http://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleNeko

And you will also see the Etsy image on the main page of my website in the right sidebar.  You can also click on this image to get to my shop.

– Ja Mata!

Little Neko


A little Video Tribute to “Fried Chicken Song”

Well, this is completely unrelated to the usual subject matter I post on my site, but hey, that’s why there’s a randomness category!  For all the other wacky crap I love. 😉

My boyfriend and I originally saw this video, on Digg.com, called “Fried Chicken Song”.  We thought it was hilarious and it’s hard not to like the guy in the video.  He actually has a pretty good voice, gets a little silly and laughs at himself a bit.  I like it!  My boyfriend and I were talking about the video and he didn’t think I could sing in the style of the video.  In other words,… yeah you’re a white girl!  So he challenged me to learn the song.  The next afternoon I found myself, not doing productive work around the house, but practicing this song in front of the puter.

So here ya go!!



Oh yeah!! My Cortana Video!

Just realized I never posted this awesome video that was taken at GMX last year!  A gentleman named Isamu Dyson from MAGEtv was filming cosplay interviews.  I think he did a great job on this and it was really nice getting to see a three dimensional view of me in my costume.  Kind of fitting for a character that is suppose to be a three dimensional hologram, don’t you think?

If you would like to see any other videos from MageTV click the following link:

Ja mata!



Hello Everyone!

I have made some nice UPDATES!!  Yes, please make sure to visit my Pages at the top of my site.  All my costumes are on my Cosplay Page with description and pictures.  I will be adding more pictures to the Conventions sections soon.  I take so many pictures it’s hard to pick which ones I should put up!  Under my Gaming Page, under section “Playing Now & Lookin’ Forward To” I have made updates to the games I am playing.  I also added a Contact Page where you can email me.  I will say again… Please, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment or sending me an email because I would love to hear from you!  I now have a Mini Etsy link that takes you to my jewelry shop on Etsy.com.   There will be more jewelry added soon and of course there will be new posts!  Soon to come, Anime updates, my overlook of crappy 2009 and talk of my upcoming cosplay ventures!!!  Till next time!


PS: I just recently went online and purchased my Bungie T-Shirt to help Haiti!!  When you purchase their T-Shirt titled “Be a Hero”, they donate their share to the relief efforts in Haiti.  If you are a Halo fan or just like T-Shirts then it’s a great way to help.  Check it out!!: http://www.bungiestore.com/